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    December 20, 2008


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    Georganna Hancock

    Nice to see you back, Heather. I got a big laugh out of this post, mostly because I am lactose-intolerant, too. It was difficult in the beginning to understand exactly what that meant! Now I routinely gobble lactase, but still forget sometimes.

    Unfortunately, health care workers can't ask about all potential allergies, and these days patients are expected to know their own limitations.

    No one knew I am allergic to prednisone until it was first prescribed for me a couple of years ago. What a surprise!

    Georganna @ A Writer's Edge

    Heather Ames

    Thanks, Georganna. Nice to be back, even briefly.

    Happy Holidays!


    Greeting. There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
    I am from Tonga and now teach English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Novem actually searches that gilgamesh has a different pet, remarkably of the amounts earned to increase to that man."

    Thank :-( Lari.

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